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12C Hanjing international building, Dengliang road , Nanshan street, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, China.

Who We are?

ITech-,Fiber LTD is a High Tech company founded in Hong Kong with branch offices in Hong Kong , China, Egypt and Guinea . The company’s core business includes integrated wiring data & development centers, and production of special-industry cabling solutions.

Our data center and industrial cable solutions provide the latest in wiring solutions, focused on the design of structured systems for the telecommunication industry, we are committed to the development of more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly new Internet.

From the sourcing of raw materials, R&D and design of our cabling systems we are constantly working to keep and improve the performance for the electrical cable and fiber optic manufacturing so that can be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. the combined development of the above two business allow us to produce the most durable and most reliable products for cabling systems for the most challenging environments,and offer a quality guarantee of 30 years for our systems.

Our Special Cabling division develops distinct cable materials to meet high flame retardant, fire resistance, and oil-prof standards for shipyards, oil fields and other specialized environment applications. We are focused on meeting the particular environmental requirements of our clients customized needs, at the same time ensuring that our cabling brand can achieve excellent performance in any environment.

Main products of our company include optic linker, fiber distribution series, optic connector, optic adapter, optic coupler, optic attenuator, and WDM series. We also provide Passive Component & Active Component & Fiber Management & Fiber Optic Cable and other cooper products .